We are often asked questions about our horses, so we have shared with you here the most common;

Q) How many horses do you have?  

A) We have 65 on property, 40 of which are ours and the rest are agistees   

Q) Do your horses always stay in this paddock?  

A) No, they have free run of 200 acres every night where they have 7 piles of hay   

Q) How many rides do the horses do a day?  

A) We limit the horses to do max 2 hours of work a day, however week days are quiet so its really only weekend they get used the most.   

Q) Do the horses get a day off?  

A) Yes the horses have every monday off.  Plus we have lots of horses as we only let our horses work for 2 hours a day and most only work 3 days a week. 

Q) Do the horses wear shoes?  

A) No, because the grounds here is soft sand they dont require shoes, and they all have nice tough feet   

Q) Do your horses just get fed hay?  

A) No, they all get a morning hard feed and the older horses or our rescues get fed several extra feeds a day to help with weight gain   

Q) How old is your oldest horse?   

A) Henry is our oldest horse, he was born in 1988 and is 30 years old 

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Learn more about our horses and how they live by visiting our about us page.  Here you can meet some of the horses and learn more about the herd dynamics and why herd life is so important to our horses 

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