Horse Riding in Perth

Stronger together

When you come horse riding you will get to meet our horse, you will then see our horses live in several different herds. 

Horses are Herbivores and when wild naturally live in herds for protection and company. This makes the horses feel safe and happy. The herd has a strict hiarachy, with a boss and all other horses have their place in the herd. Like brothers and sisters the horses will fight occasionally but generally are happier and healthier being together. 

Old And The Young

We are lucky enough to have some older horses living with us who are still fit and healthy enjoying their retirement in their herd. 

Henry is our oldest horse at 30 years old (90 in human years), followed by Renatos who is 26 years old (78 in human years), and finally Dazz who is 25 years old (75 in human years). 

These old boys are the head of the herd and get respect from all of the other. Like with humans they go a little grey in old age and can lose weight, but they are still fit and healthy. Just ask one of us to point them out to you. Henry loves to show off how well he is doing.

Our youngest horses are 4 years old and have been rescued from the racing industry where they are already retired, some are pacers others are racehorses.  We are working with them to retrain them and give them a safe future.

Free To Be Horses

During the day our horses live in their day paddocks.  This makes it easy for us to catch them.  After hours our horses are released into their night paddock, this is 200 acres of bushland they run and play in (and eat more hay).  

 In the morning they are all waiting at the gate of the day paddock to come in for breakfast. Lead of course by Henry the herd boss. 


Sheena Foley

"I can not recommend this place highly enough. My ten year old granddaughter had her first trail ride yesterday. She has never been on a horse before The lady that took her (Ellis) was perfect. She was so friendly ,kind and encouraging. My granddaughter felt totally relaxed with her. She had the time of her life We will definitely be back as often as we can" 

Leanne Mansfield

"Today myself and 8 friends went on the 5.30 trail ride. We ranged in age kids7-17 and Adults.  The staff were very well organized and friendly.

I highly recommend going and we got a discount for a larger group booking.
We even got to see some Kangaroos.
Thanks so much. See you again"

Diane Witherington

"Had the most lovely twilight ride with my daughter today, the team at Wanneroo Riding Centre were welcoming, friendly, knowledgeable and put us totally at ease after not being in the saddle for many years. I rode Bruce and he was such a lovely calm boy which is just what I needed to build my confidence again. I will definitely be making this a regular activity and I would highly recommend the centre, thank you and see you soon" 

Karis Klhg

"Went riding for the first time in my life here today , and it was one of the most memorable experiences of my life! Wonderful staff, super friendly and beautiful horses! I will definitely be back soon! Thanks Again"

Chelsie Donnelly

"You girls have made getting back into riding a walk in the park. You guys are definitely the best in Perth, everyone has an amazing attitude and the horses are beautiful. You've given me something I thought I'd lost! Thank you!! "

Georgie Fry

"Had a great time yesterday out on my trail ride...such a beautiful place to ride and the staff are super friendly. My sister had got me a gift voucher for my birthday, what a brilliant present idea! Thanks so much to everyone at the riding centre"